Here are 5 quick things to do if you want to go on an all day shed hunt. Grab a friend and hit the woods!

  • Pre Game – Know before the day gets here where you plan to go. Whether you do this with maps on Google Earth, or from past trips you have taken. Get plans together in your head so you aren’t wasting daylight figuring out where you should go. Have a backup in place just in case spots don’t look good and you need to make a move. You won’t find sheds where there are no deer, unless you head to a Lowes parking lot.



  • Energy – Pack a good lunch with snacks and something to drink. Keep your energy up and your focus on point, wandering around the woods hungry and unfocused is a recipe to miss sheds. Chips, Cereal bars, a Sandwich, and Gatorade or a Soda along with water goes a long way!


  • 2nd Set of Eyes – Bring clear crisp binoculars! You will save yourself a lot of time and steps with a good pair of binos to help you pick out the infamous fake sheds. Spotting some tines sticking up far away is great, having to walk 100 feet closer to it just to find out it’s a perfectly placed and perfectly colored branch is heartbreaking.



  • Comfort – Stay dry if it is wet, stay warm if it’s cold, and stay cool if it is hot out. Dress appropriately for the conditions, being wet and cold, or wet and sweating makes for a long uncomfortable day hiking. Bring a backpack with an extra sweatshirt and socks, or bring the backpack just so you can shed some layers as the day goes on. A good pair of boots is a must for all day comfort. Check out Danners if you are looking for recommendations, tested and proven to be comfortable and durable.


  • Be a photographer – Bring your DSLR with or at the very least have your cell phone and make sure it is charged.  Take pictures of what you see through-out the day and what you find, memories last forever especially when you can look back at them in a video or picture! Have some fun with it. You are the first person to ever lay a finger on that prize antler you come across, capture ATLs (As they Lay) shots , make a memory and capture it after all that’s why we do it. Because we love it, so snap a picture to share with the other shed crazy people of the world!

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