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                Arguably the most beneficial and dangerous tool in a hunters arsenal today. Trail cameras have been around for a long time now. How a hunter chooses to use them will determine how beneficial they will be for him or her. Over checking them, leaving scent, can all lead to spooking deer and all negatively impact your hunting. With so many big name trail camera companies on the market it is easy to walk into a retail store and have your pick from a $60 camera to a $500 camera. But what are you really getting? Not being made of money and also not having stock in Energizer Batteries limits the number of cameras I can own. A few things I look for when I buy a new camera is Picture Quality, Performance, Price, Reliability, Battery Life, and the Warranty / Customer Service.


                In 2016 I turned to Exodus Trail Cameras to meet these needs. When it came to Performance vs. Price it was hard to beat a company that only deals Direct! They are honest enough to cut out dealers and retailers so that they can produce a higher end camera and sell to the end customer at a fair price. Winning!  Knowing I wouldn’t be buying a bottom end camera that may only last 1-2 years before needing replacement gave me peace of mind and made spending the extra money to get away from the lower end cameras an easy decision. On top of that, before even owning a camera I was able to talk to the guys running the company which reassured me that if I ever needed customer service I could count on it being there. Exodus offers a FIVE year replacement warranty! Let me say that again, FIVE year warranty no questions asked other than to try to help you resolve any problems you might encounter! That alone was a promise from a camera company that my camera would last me 5 years before costing me any money. The reasons to switching to Exodus added up quick and didn’t disappoint.


                When I received my Exodus Trail Cameras for the first time I was curious to put them to a direct back to back test and see how they would perform. If you visit their website you will find some articles very helpful on how they designed the camera to work at peak performance. I’ll start with making sure you use Energizer Lithium AA Batteries! These are hands down the only batteries you should be using in any camera. By doing tests with standard batteries and lithium in multiple cameras I could easily see that when the cameras drained the batteries to 50% and below the all started to die quickly and perform less then optimal. I concluded in the tests that the camera would miss pictures next to a fully charged camera, but it was only because it was really still functioning on low battery rather than just dying and shutting off completely. So with that said, Lithium batteries for any trail camera you use. Read more about that at Exodus Trail Cameras website.

                I tested my cameras for thousands and thousands of pictures and videos this summer just to make sure it would perform all season when fall arrived. I was very impressed with the quality of the daylight and nighttime photographs and the lack of spooked deer in front of the camera even on video mode. Placement has a lot to do with this, but I was placing the camera on new trees to purposely get a reaction from the deer if I could. When fall was approaching I put new batteries in one camera I decided to run at my cabin. That camera I let go for 4 weeks at a time and the battery life stayed full and it worked flawlessly all season. It wasn’t until I put the camera over corn this winter and had it taking 8 pictures every 15 seconds that I drained the batteries and had to replace them. I wish I would have kept track of how many pictures it took but unfortunately the only results I have are pictures of buck I got on that camera that either got shot, disappeared , or by some luck in Pennsylvania survived!

The best part of this is I still have 4 years left on a guaranteed warranty. No replacing this camera if it breaks with a new one for at least 4 more years , I just get to add to my arsenal and spend more money on batteries, memory cards, and gas to check them weekly and I love it! Don’t just take someones word for it though.  New company, new cameras, made by hunters for hunters, go get yourself one. I guarantee you can use it for 5 years before needing to buy a new one!

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One thought on “Exodus Outdoor Gear!

  1. Totally agree with everything you said! I’m still running my Exodus Trail cam on the same batteries since June of 2016. It has taken thousands of pictures since then. And i periodically would switch from video back to photos with very little damage to battery life!
    – Tom Titlow


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