What fuels your off Season


For me, there is no “off season.” Deer hunting is 24/7, 365 days a year and there are no two ways about it! My trail cameras run all year round. My scouting never stops. Shed hunting occupies my late winter/early spring. My mineral sites run through spring into mid summer. Yet while I’m running my minerals I’m also planting food plots. Late summer early fall is stand hanging time THEN comes opportunity, hunting.

clover Rough Ridge Clover Plot

I run all my cameras year round. This gives me the chance to see who lives on my property and who just visits. My favorite time to hang cameras is fall, during the rut. I hang 75% of my cameras on active scrapes, because those are the visitors you want on surveillance. But, in the mean time, I hang cameras on all the mineral sites and heavy trails leading to food sources.


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