Proof is in the Pudding


Year after year we hear hunters tell other hunters “If I don’t shoot it, someone else will”. Next time you hear this, ask them “Have you ever thought maybe you are that someone else that’s shooting the deer” making it known that they are the problem not the solution. Awareness to the potential that is out there could be the only thing needed to have your neighbors start passing young bucks.  Here are a couple of real scenarios just to prove how passing a deer one season can lead to having bigger buck in the following years to come. These deer were either passed by hunters so they could be around another year or they figured out how to avoid that “someone else” that was going to shoot them regardless of age.

The property these deer have come from is private property in Pennsylvania that is heavily hunted with limited management. The property is surrounded by heavily hunted properties where the average mentality is to shoot any…

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