Bowfishing • Why You Need To Try It & What You Need To Start – Flatline Whitetails


The 2016 year was the first year that I picked up my bow and said to myself that I wanted to try bowfishing out.


I called up my friend Don Barrett at Barrett’s Bowhunting in New York and ask him what I would need to start and he set me up with a Mathews Mission Craze in all black(my request) with a bowfishing rest a bowfishing reel and a bowfishing arrow. I ordered my bowfishing tip and Broadhead from Inneroc Broadheads. It was the “Innerloc Grappler”. I also ordered the Gar target from Innerloc to practice.


After shooting and setting my bow to around 45 or 50 pounds I shot and shot and realized this was going to be more challenging then I originally planned for.


Before I go any further rambling on here is a list of things that I would recommend having before you go Bowfishing!


1.)  Bow

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